Mass Cytometry

Cy-TOF (MassCytometry)

The highest-resolution profiling of cell phenotype and function available

Biology is Heterogeneity

Biological systems consist of heterogeneous cell types, each with diverse functions and functional states.

Such complexity demands high-dimensional proteomic panels that simultaneously measure breadth and depth of the system with single-cell resolution.

Mass Cytometry: 50+Parameters on Millions of Cells

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  • The immune system provides targeted protection against harmful pathogens and emerging tumors.
  • It is comprised of heterogeneous cell subsets with specialized functions that work together to protect the body from a vast array of diverse threats.

Cancer Research

  • Cancer arises when cells escape regulation of proliferation and differentiation and acquire the potential to invade other parts of the body.
  • Tumor heterogeneity, characterized by the wide variety and functional capacity of cell types within and responding to the tumor, is both a hallmark of and a challenge for cancer research.

Clinical and Translational Research

  • Translational research applies novel scientific discoveries to clinical settings with the aim of improving human health.
  • Clinical research reveals the impact of medical interventions on human health.
  • Heterogeneity within tissues and among patients presents a pivotal challenge for clinical science.