Multiplex IHC

Multiplex IHC service

Cell Phenotyping in tumor Microenvironments

Immune Cell Phenotyping in Solid Tissues

Our approach is to allow different phenotypes to be visualized and quantified simultaneously in the same tissue section, enabling researchers to study the relationships and distribution of these cells within tumors and within the tumor microenvironment
Using standard FFPE (Formalin-fixed, Paraffin-embedded) biopsies

Work Flow for Multiplex IHC

Cell Phenotyping in tumor Microenvironments

Comparison of IHC and multiplex IHC

Pseudo composite

inForm tumor-stroma and cell phenotype maps

Advantages of specialized services

Total Solution ForMultiplex Tissue Imagingand Analysis

Fast, fully AutomatedOpal staining

OPAL staining validation

Introduction ofspatial analysis tools

Serviceable markers

Service-available examples

Human breast cancer_
Immune, Receptor,Signaling

Immunoprofiling in
Human colon cancer tissue

Immunoprofiling in
Mouse Spleen tissue