Ultra-Sensitive ELISA


Various cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and cerebrovascular diseases, which are the three major causes of death of Korean people, are more difficult to treat as the detection is slower. On the other hand, the amount of marker detected in the blood at the beginning of the disease is very small, so it is difficult to detect the marker early. The SimoaTM HD-1 (Ultra-sensitive biomarker assay) system is a new automated measurement platform that enables high reproducibility to measure proteins or peptides present in low concentrations at the Femto Molar (fM) level, which was difficult to quantify with conventional ELISA technology. After the samples and reagents are added, this device is fully automatic incubation, washing, detection, etc., and has the advantage of saving manpower and time when measuring a large amount of samples. In addition, more than 30 biomarkers that can diagnose major diseases have already been verified and commercialized, and this system is installed in famous pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, and CROs around the world and used for biomarker discovery and early diagnosis kit development. The SimoaTM HD-1 (Ultra-sensitive biomarker assay) system is a forward-looking technology that can detect and analyze key markers in the blood in advance, allowing early diagnosis of certain diseases and interstitial monitoring of in vivo changes.